Commonly Asked Questions
1) How can we get to the Knik Glacier.
The primary way people visit the Knik Glacier is by Airboat, Jet boat, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
A pack raft is the easiest and cheapest way to get to the Knik Glacier. An 8 mile trail departs from our office with one water crossing.
Fat tire bikes are allowed and can make it quicker. A $10 day parking fee is all that is required to get your own glacier adventure started.

2) Do we pick up from hotels?

Unfortunately we do not offer shuttle service. Guests usually arrive self-driven.

3) Can we walk to the Knik Glacier?
The Knik Glacier Trail departs from our office. This is an 8 mile trail that requires 2 water crossings.
The first water crossing is only 1/4 mile from the trail start. Hunter Creek is knee to waist deep and no problem crossing for experienced backcountry travelers. Yeah its cold!
After crossing Hunter Creek It's a 4 mile hike to the next water crossing. This is the Knik river's main channel and requires a raft or some floatation to cross.
After crossing The Knik River its another 3 1/2 miles to glacier camp.
Trail is primarily flat gravel river bed with no elevation gain. Trail is well maintained. Great opportunities for wildlife sightings.

4) Can we kayak on the 3 hour tour?

We only have kayaking with the full day tour.

5) Do we get to walk on the glacier?

We do not get on the glacier for this tour. The iceberg filled lake prevents access to the face of the glacier.
Glacier Camp is situated on the glacier's terminal moraine.

6) What age is appropriate?
We have taken 2year old to 95 year old guests on this tour.
For toddlers, one consideration is hearing protection on the boat. Toddlers must be held with earmuffs while on the airboat.
The terrain at the glacier is very rocky, some of them are very sharp. Not a great place for learning to walk.
This is wilderness! We have bears and moose visit Glacier Camp. Children need to be closely supervised at all times!

7) Elderly and Disabled
We will do our best to help anybody that is physically capable to take this tour.
You will need to be able to climb a 3 step ladder to get in and out of our big trucks.
There is a small hill we have to climb to get to Glacier Camp the terrain is uneven and rocky.
Some guests with limited mobility have chosen to just stay on the boat while we visit Glacier Camp. We will bring them a hot drink and a snack.
The safari portion of the tour is pretty bumpy. Although nobody has ever gotten sick, we have had a couple close calls.
If you have severe motion sickness you may want to opt out or take something before the tour.

8) Is it cold at the glacier?

You can expect the glacier to be 10 to 15 degree cooler than everywhere else. On a hot sunny day this is very refreshing.

9) Are the bugs bad?

Not at all! Due to the dry desert ecosystem we have fewer mosquitos or black flies than anywhere in Alaska.

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